Special Issue - Machine Learning for Big Data


Dear All,

Warm Greetings.

We are happy to announce that the Kuwait Journal of Science under Academic Publication Council, Kuwait University invites papers from our most valuable researchers, authors, readers, and well-wishers on the topic: Machine Learning for Big Data for a special issue on Computer Science section. Also, we would be grateful if you could circulate this notification among your colleagues and departments who were potential to contribute. 

We will handle your papers on the above topic with high priority and care to encourage your valuable contribution to KJS.

Submission guidelines:



  1. Original Manuscript. ( PDF)
  2. Latex file of the (1) must generate PDF
  3. Copyright form
  1. The maximum word count must be less than 4500.
  2. Please select SECTION as Special Issue on Machine Learning (CS)


Important Dates:

Open for Submission: 1 February 2022 

Submissions Deadline: 1 March 2022 

Acceptance Duration: 3-4 months

Click Here for Proposal - Machine Learning for Big Data


Best Regards,
Prof.Shafiqah Alawadhi,

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