Enhancement of optical chaos generator using double delayed feedback

DOI: 10.48129/kjs.17025


  • Raghad I. Ibrahim Dept. of Physics, College of Education, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad-Iraq




Chaotic lasers are widely used in secure communication, optical detection and other applications due to their noise-like randomness, excellent anti-jamming and other advantages. This research looks into the chaotic laser's performance at a low cost. The performance related to a semiconductor laser with double delayed feedback  is observed and its characteristics are determined in experimental research utilizing OptiSystem simulator. The chaotic laser output is fed back to the Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) to make the original system. The gain coefficient changes dynamically, and a second time delay is introduced into the system. The feedback time and feedback strength of the improved chaotic system are studied under varying input bias current, frequency and modulation beak current. Bifurcation diagram results show that the chaotic laser output by the optoelectronic oscillator (OEO) is more complex and has lower delay characteristics. This method does not increase too much Under the premise of system cost, more complex chaotic signals can be generated, and the signal delay characteristics can be reduced, which is conducive to improving the security of the communication system.

Author Biography

Raghad I. Ibrahim, Dept. of Physics, College of Education, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad-Iraq