October Issue 2022

Kuwait J.Sci., Vol.49, No.(1),January.2022,pp(1-22)

Sl.No Title Author Name Section Volume & Issue
1 Effect of Trianthema triquetra Rottl. ex Willed (Aizoaceae) on ethanol-induced gastric ulcers in experimental rats Hira Ijaz, Saiqa Ishtiaq, Faryal Rubab and Ans Munir Biology V- 49 / I- 4
2 Production, Optimization, Purification, Kinetic analysis and applications of alkaline proteases produced from Bacillus subtilis through solid state fermentation of agricultural byproducts Roheena Abdullah, Maham Asim, Muhammad Nadeem,Kinza Nisar, Afshan Kaleem and Mehwish Iqtedar Biology V- 49 / I- 4
3 Biosynthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles from dates, characterization, and investigation of anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial properties Kannan Kathiresan and Mani Ramakrishnan Biology V- 49 / I- 4
4 High performance liquid chromatography based characterization of Fengycin produced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens against Fusarium graminearum and Rhizoctonia solani Muddasir Khan, Muhammad Salman and Abdullah Biology V- 49 / I- 4
5 Investigation of the effect of selected edible and medicinal plants on in-vitro blood coagulation profile Hoda M. Fathy, Rahma SR. Mahrous, Rasha M.Abu EL-Khair, Abdallah A. Omar and Reham and S. Ibrahim Biology V- 49 / I- 4
6 The impact of land use and land cover change on hydrological processes in Brantas watershed, East Java, Indonesia Mohamad Wawan Sujarwo, Indarto Indarto and Marga Mandala Earth & Environment V- 49 / I- 4
7 Delineating Weak Zones in Limestone based on Borehole Drilling and E 1 lectrical Resistivity Tomography Muhammad Jahangir Khan, Siddique Akhtar Ehsan, Umair Bin Nisar, Syed Shahrukh Ali,Mubarak Ali, Hummad Habib Qazi, Saif-ur-Rehman and Sarfraz Khan Earth & Environment V- 49 / I- 4
8 Radiation dose risk variability and its implication in industrial and mining regions, NW Nigeria Ologe Oluwatoyin and Joseph Aisabokhae Earth & Environment V- 49 / I- 4
9 Sedimentary and mineralogy characteristics of late quaternary sediments, Garmian area, Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq Barween O. Qadera and Sabah A. Majeed Earth & Environment V- 49 / I- 4
10 Gas-bearing sands appraisal for Zamzama Gas field in Pakistan through inverted elastic attributes assisted with PNN approximation of petrophysical properties Zahid U. Khan, Mona Lisa, Muyyassar Hussain and Syed A. Ahmed Earth & Environment V- 49 / I- 4
11 Climate change and food security: Assessing the prospect for Kuwait using an economywide model Ayele U. Gelan Earth & Environment V- 49 / I- 4
12 Using artificial intelligence methods for shear travel time prediction: A case study of Facha member, Sirte basin, Libya Bahia M. Ben Ghawar, Moncef Zairi and Samir Bouaziz Earth & Environment V- 49 / I- 4
13 Hydrothermal analysis of water-Al2O3 nanofluid flow through a sudden expansion channel with intermediate step Sandip Saha and Apurba Narayan Das Physics V- 49 / I- 4
14 Analysis of field free region formed by parametric positioning of a magnet pair for targeted magnetic hyperthermia Serhat Küçükdermenci Physics V- 49 / I- 4
15 Broadband Low-Frequency Sound Absorption via a Hexagonal Acoustic Metamaterial in the Honeycomb Structure Fatma Nafaa Gaafer Physics V- 49 / I- 4
16 Cross sections Data Adjustment For KRITZ-2:13 Abdulaziz Ahmed, H. Boukhal, E. Chakir and S. EL Ouahdani Physics V- 49 / I- 4
17 Engineering of Ultra-Violet Reflectors by varying Alternate Layers of Titania/Silica for Harmful UV-Protection R.S. Dubey and Yepuri Venkatesh Physics V- 49 / I- 4
18 Selective adsorption of cationic dye utilizing poly(methacrylic acid-co-ethylene dimethacrylate) monolith from wastewater Bessy D’Cruz, Mohamed O. Amin, Metwally Madkour and Entesar Al-Hetlani Chemistry V- 49 / I- 4
19 Epitomizing mercury concentrations in incenses as a potential marker to respiratory ailments Abdul Hadi E and Bu-Olayan Chemistry V- 49 / I- 4
20 Prognostics-aware multi-robot route planning to extend the lifetime U˘gur Yayan, Ahmet Yazıcı and Inci Sarıc¸ic¸ek Computer Science V- 49 / I- 4
21 A novel deep neural network for hidden target detection in images Rabeb Hendaoui and Vasif Nabiyev Computer Science V- 49 / I- 4
22 On some variations of dominating identification in graphs Muhammad Fazil, Iffat Fida Hussain, Ateqa Akbar, Usman Ali Mathematics V- 49 / I- 4
23 Introduction to k- Horadam Hybrid Numbers Nayil Kilic Mathematics V- 49 / I- 4
24 New characterizations of k-normal and k-EP matrices ZhiMei Fu, KeZheng Zuo and Yang Chen Mathematics V- 49 / I- 4
25 An Easy Construction of Generalized Neighbor Designs in Minimal Circular Blocks Muhammad Nadeem, Muhammad Rasheed, M. H. Tahir, Khadija Noreen, Sajid Hussain, and Rashid Ahmed Statistics V- 49 / I- 4