October Issue

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Sl.No Title Author Name Section Volume & Issue
1 Symmetric and generating functions of generalized (p,q)-numbers Nabiha Saba, Ali Boussayoud, Abdelhamid Abderrezzak Mathematics V- 48 / I- 4
2 Change of nullity of a graph under two operations Gohdar H. MOHIADDIN Khidir R. SHARAF Mathematics V- 48 / I- 4
3 Markov chain based on neutrosophic numbers in decision making Kuppuswami Govindan, Sujatha Ramalingam, Nagarajan Deivanayagampillai, Said Broumi, Kavikumar Jacob Statistics V- 48 / I- 4
4 Sampling plans using extended EWMA statistic with and without auxiliary information Muhammad Naveed, Muhammad Azam, Muhammad Saeed, Nasrullah Khan and Muhammad Aslam Statistics V- 48 / I- 4
5 Multi-Attribute Interactive Visualization of Three-Dimensional Trajectory Sets Jing He,Haonan Chen Computer Science V- 48 / I- 4
6 On the Use of Information Theory Metrics for Detecting DDoS attacks and Flash Events: An Empirical Analysis, Comparison, and Future Directions Jagdeep Singh, Navjot Jyoti, Sunny Behal Computer Science V- 48 / I- 4
7 Image and Audio Steganography Based on Indirect LSB Zainab N. Sultani, Ban N. Dhannoon Computer Science V- 48 / I- 4
8 Performance Evaluation of an Adopted Model based on Big-Bang Big-Crunch and Artificial Neural Network for Cloud Applications Pradeep Singh Rawat, Robin Singh Bhadoria, Punit Gupta, G. P. Saroha Computer Science V- 48 / I- 4
9 A new intelligent time-series prediction technique for coherency identification performance enhancement Ainnur F. I. M. Shah, Mohd A. M. Ariff, Nadhirah Omar, Muhammad S. A. Mustaza Computer Science V- 48 / I- 4
10 Mining predicate rules without minimum support threshold Hafiz I. Ahmad, Alex T. H. Sim, Roliana Ibrahim, Mohammad Abrar, Asma Gul Computer Science V- 48 / I- 4
11 Distributed Partition Detection and Recovery using UAV in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks Aditi Zear, Virender Ranga Computer Science V- 48 / I- 4
12 On the motion of a triple pendulum system under the influence of excitation force and torque T. S. Amer, A. A. Galal, A. F. Abolila Physics V- 48 / I- 4
13 General Modulation Transfer Function Fitting Equation for Human Eye with Contact Lens Faten Sh. Zainulabdeen, Mohammed A. Hussein, Ail H. AL-Hamdani Physics V- 48 / I- 4
14 Flow Characterization Near the Nozzle Exit of the Supersonic Steam Jet Injecting into the Stagnant Water Afrasyab KHAN, Khairuddin SANAULLAH Mohammed ZWAWI,Mohammed ALGARNI, Bassem F. FELEMBAN5, Ali BAHADAR, Ahmed Salam FAROOQI, Andrew Ragai Henry RIGIT, Atta ULLAH Physics V- 48 / I- 4
15 On the wave particle interaction and removal of energetic particles Umesh P. Singh Physics V- 48 / I- 4
16 Linear and nonlinear low frequency collisional quantum Buneman instability in electron-positron-ion Plasmas M. Nasir Khattak; U. Zakir, M. Yaqoob Khan, Niaz. Wali and M. Tariq Jan Physics V- 48 / I- 4
17 Remote sensing of aerosol properties during intense smog events over Lahore (Pakistan) Salman Tariq, Sumayia Mehmood, Aiman Nisa, Zia ul-Haq, Usman Mehmood Physics V- 48 / I- 4
18 Synthesis of coral-like silver chloride-polypyrrole nanocomposites derived from silver nanoparticles and the study of their structural, thermal, optical and electrical properties FARAH KANWAL, AISHA BATOOL, MUNIBA ASLAM, SHAHZAD AHMAD, FATIMA AZIZ Chemistry V- 48 / I- 4
10 Production of microbial keratinase using newly isolated strain of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia and its characterization and applications. Bhavika N. Parmar, Dr. Sneha H. Trivedi Biology V- 48 / I- 4
20 Prevalence of resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains in frozen meat and their control using phytosynthesized selenium nanoparticles Mohammed S. Alsaggaf Biology V- 48 / I- 4
21 Mapping Kuwait bathymetry using passive multispectral remote sensing Jasem A Albanai Earth & Env. Science V- 48 / I- 4
22 Geology of Bajalia Anticline of the Low Folded Zone of Iraq Wathiq Abdulnaby,Maher Mahdi Rafed Al-Muhamed, Nagham Darweesh, and Ahmed Hashoosh Earth & Env. Science V- 48 / I- 4
23 Stability and Sustainability Assessment for the Surface Failure of Various Rock Slopes Excavated along the Konya-Alanya Road Section, Turkey Ali F. BAYRAM; Ahmed I. MOHAMED1, Arsalan A. OTHMAN Earth & Env. Science V- 48 / I- 4
24 An integrated approach to evaluate hydrocarbon potential of Jurassic Samana Suk Formation in Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan. Muhammad Armaghan F. Miraj, Abid Ali, Naveed Ahsan, Palwasha S. Rathore, Hassan Javaid, Rana F. Saleem, Sher Afgan, Muhammad B. Malik Earth & Env. Science V- 48 / I- 4