A New Inverse Weibull Distribution: Properties, Classical and Bayesian estimation with Applications


  • Ahmed Z. Afify Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Insurance, Benha University
  • Shawky Ahmed Faculty of Science, Department of Statistics, King Abdulaziz University
  • Mazen Nassar King Abdulaziz University Faculty of Science




Bayesian estimation, Inverse Weibull distribution, Moments, Quantile function


This article proposes a new extension of the inverse Weibull distribution called, loga-
rithmic transformed inverse Weibull distribution which can provide better ts than some
of its well-known extensions. The proposed distribution contains inverse Weibull, inverse
Rayleigh, inverse exponential, logarithmic transformed inverse Rayleigh and logarithmic
transformed inverse exponential distributions as special sub-models. Our main focus is to
derive some of its mathematical properties along with the estimation of its unknown param-
eters using frequentist and Bayesian estimation methods. We compare the performances
of the proposed estimators using extensive numerical simulations for both small and large
samples. The importance and potentiality of this distribution is analyzed via two real data


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