Production cross–section and reaction yield calculations for 123-126I isotopes on 123Sb(α,xn) reactions




Level density, optical model, TALYS 1.8, production cross–section, reaction yield.


Most of the radioisotopes that used in medical field, like examination and treatment studies, were produced by employing nuclear reactions. Within the process of a nuclear reaction, one of the most important parameter is the cross–section data which help to reveal the mechanisms of the reaction phenomenon. The main intention of this study is to investigate the efficiencies of producing iodine isotopes via 123Sb(α,xn) reactions. For this, optical and level density models of TALYS 1.8 code have been used. Production cross–section, the alpha beam energy, reaction yields and total activation of radioisotopes have been computed. It has been figured out that, a 45 MeV cyclotron could be enough for producing 123-126I radioisotopes with reaction yields of 39.3372, 5.5685, 0.2410 and 0.0796 GBq/mAh, respectively.


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