Sensitivity Analysis of Solute Kinetics for a Four Compartmental Model in Hemodialysis Patients


  • Mohammad Munir Government Postgraduate College No.1, Abbottabad 22010, Pakistan.



Solute kinetic, Compartmental Model, Sensitivity Analysis


Sensitivity Analysis of the most advanced four compartmental
mathematical model explaining solute kinetic in the hemodialysis
patients was performed on the basis of the data collected from six patients
with different BMIs. The toxin concentration in all compartments
increases with the decrease in the BMIs of the patients. The clearance
rate, k_clear, and the volume of extracellular compartment, V_E, are the
most sensitive while the volume of the muscle tissue compartment, V_MT ,
and the clearance rate, k_MT , are the least sensitive parameters during dialytic
interval. The production rate, G, and the volume of the extracellular
compartment, V_E, are the most sensitive while kclear and k_EAT are the
least sensitive parameters of all parameters during the interdialytic interval.
The overall production rate, G, remains more sensitive than the
clearance rate, k_clear during one complete cycle.

Author Biography

Mohammad Munir, Government Postgraduate College No.1, Abbottabad 22010, Pakistan.

Dr. Mohammad Munir,

Assistant Professor of Mathematics,

Department of Mathematics,

Government  Postgraduate College No.1,

Abbottabad 22010, Pakistan.


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