Casson fluid flow with heat and mass transfer in a channel using DTM


  • asia yasmin
  • Kashif ali
  • Muhammad ashraf



Casson fluid, channel flow, shrinking walls, differential transform method (DTM), quasi-linearization method (QLM)


In present investigation, we consider the heat and mass transfer characteristics of steady Casson fluid in channel, where fluid is also electrically conducting and incompressible. The effect of chemical reaction has also considered. The differential transform method (approach) (DTM) was carried out to scheme of nonlinear ODE'S and answers are acquired in the form of DTM series. The principal gain of approach is that it can be functional immediately to the non linear DE’s without requiring discretization, linearization or perturbation. The current results for velocity, mass and heat transfer are in good agreement with those provided by quasi-linearization method (QLM). Graphical results for velocity, concentration and temperature are presented for distinct values of governing constraints.


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