Reforming Home Energy Consumption Behavior based on Mining Techniques, A Collaborative Home Appliances Approach


  • Amira M. Idrees Faculty of Computers and Information, Fayoum University.
  • Essam M. Shaaban Information Systems Department, Beni-Suef University, Egypt


Energy Consumption, Associations Rules Mining, Collaborative Approach, Home Appliances, Apriori Algorithm


Energy Consumption has become one of the strategic objectives all over the world which is not only the enterprises obligation but it should also be all citizens’ obligation. Focusing on individuals’ energy consumption, a vital approach for saving energy is a collaboration strategy which aims at sharing the home appliances for best usage. In this research, an approach is proposed for recommending the collaboration plan for adjacent houses in different perspectives, they are sharing appliances and minimizing the consumption rate. The research adopts the mining techniques in order to explore the required associations targeting to build the road map for appliances consumption. Representing the proposed approach is performed through a formal representation to the contributed stakeholders and their relations, representing the relations and the required associations in a semantic network represents ion, and each stage is discussed in details. The research applied the experiment on two of the benchmark datasets which references are mentioned, all stages are applied and associations are explored with confidence above 90% and the results confirmed the applicability of the proposed approach

Author Biographies

Amira M. Idrees, Faculty of Computers and Information, Fayoum University.

I’m an associate professor in information systems. I have been the head of scientific departments and the vice dean of the community services and environmental development, Faculty of Computers and Information, Fayoum University. My research interests include Knowledge Discovery, Text Mining, Opinion Mining, Cloud Computing, E-Learning, Software Engineering, Data Science, and Data warehousing

Essam M. Shaaban, Information Systems Department, Beni-Suef University, Egypt

I’m a lecturer in information systems, Faculty of Computers and Information, Beni-suef University. My research interests include Knowledge Discovery, Text Mining, Opinion Mining, Cloud Computing, E-Learning, Software Engineering, Data Science, and Data warehousing


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