On pseudo null and null cartan darboux helices in minkowski 3-space


  • Ufuk Öztürk Faculty of Science Cankiri Karatekin University TURKEY
  • Emilija Nešović Faculty of Science University of Kragujevac SERBIA


Darboux helix, Darboux vector, null Cartan curve, Pseudo null curve, rectifying curve.


In this paper, we introduce the notion of pseudo null and null Cartan Darboux helicesin Minkowski 3-space. We characterize the Darboux vectors of the pseudo null andthe null Cartan curves in terms of the Darboux helices and the rectifying curves. Wefind an explicit parameter equation of a pseudo null curve of constant precession andprove that there are no null Cartan curves of constant precession. Finally, we givesome examples.


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