The Experimental Study on the relationship of the Weight Loss and Crack width for the Oil Shale

ma xin, Yang Liu, Shuangchun Yang, Yi Pan, Chen Xia, Ngoube Njambe Adolphine Sandra


The oil shale from open-pit oil shale mine of Fushun of Liaoning province is chosen as our object of study, the effect of the time and temperature on the weight loss ratio of oil shale is studied. The results show that,the crack width, length and quantity, and the weight loss rate, increase with the temperature going up,and the fastest increasing rate is between 400 ℃ to 600 ℃, and the weight loss rate level tend to be flat when it`s above 700℃, which means the change of the weight loss ratio is not obvious. the process of pyrolysis of the oil shale, there is an optimal constant temperature time which is about 8 hours, and at the moment, the big cracks, the medium cracks and the small cracks within the oil shale will be connected, and when the number of cracks reaches the maximum, the weight loss ratio of oil shale will also reach the maximum, which is 21.67%. The condition for the highest weight loss ratio of the sample shale oil is: being under a constant heating temperature of 600 ℃ for 8 hours.


Oil shale, Crack, Weight Loss Ratio, Heating time, Temperature

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