Integrated physical detection technology in complicated surface subsidence area of mining area

Zhen-tao LI, Quan-ming LI, Hong ZHANG


The geological conditions of the surface subsidence area in a mine are highly complex; it is difficult to obtain accurate survey results by a single geophysical prospecting method. In this study, a high-density resistivity method and shallow seismic reflection method were used to detect the surface subsidence area in a mine in Shandong, China. Anomalies in subsidence, unknown voids, and groundwater present in the surface rock and soil body in the subsidence area were identified and analyzed by drilling. The proposed geophysical prospecting method provided high-resolution, visually rich images of the surface subsidence area of the mine. The activity of underground water plays a key role in surface collapse, so the results of this study may provide a workable scientific basis for the prevention of late surface subsidence disasters.

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