Stimulating ion flow in oil palm leaves and midribs applying electrical potential difference


  • Saktioto Dept. of Physics, FMIPA University of Riau
  • Suhardi Dept. of Physics, FMIPA University of Riau
  • Defrianto Dept. of Physics, FMIPA University of Riau
  • Dewi I. Roslim Dept. of Biology, FMIPA University of Riau
  • Awitdrus Dept. of Physics, FMIPA University of Riau


direct current voltage, ions effect, nutrient oil palm tree, oil palm, productivity,


Oil palms can live for >20 years. Crop yields are affected by fertilization (a chemical aspect), growth rate and evolution (agricultural aspects), and plant health and genetic features (biological aspects). Electrical treatment (a physical aspect) can be used to enhance growth. We applied direct currents to accelerate ion flow in oil palms. Trees aged 1–4 years were subjected to potentials of 10, 16, 25, 35, or 50V. Leaf and midrib geometries and ion levels were evaluated in an attempt to optimize oil palm productivity.

Author Biographies

Saktioto, Dept. of Physics, FMIPA University of Riau


Suhardi, Dept. of Physics, FMIPA University of Riau


Defrianto, Dept. of Physics, FMIPA University of Riau


Dewi I. Roslim, Dept. of Biology, FMIPA University of Riau


Awitdrus, Dept. of Physics, FMIPA University of Riau



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