Adsorption of malachite green from waste water using prosopis juliflora bark carbon


  • MUTHAIYAN THILAGAVATHI University college of engineering pattukkottai Anna University 614701


Adsorption, kinetics, malachite green, PJBC, thermodynamic.


Adsorption behavior of malachite green from waste water using prosopis juliflorabark carbon was investigated. The effect of contact time, adsorbent dose, solution pH,initial concentration of malachite green and temperature are investigated. Freundlichand Langmuir isotherms are used to determine the adsorption capacity of prosopisjuliflora bark carbon as an adsorbent. The entropy change (ΔS0) values and enthalpychange (ΔH0) values are calculated from the slope and intercept of the linear plotof lnK0 versus 1/T. The free energy change (ΔG0) is calculated from the equilibriumconstant (K0) value. The equilibrium constant (K0) for the adsorption process isdetermined from the slope of the plot of ln(qe/ce) against ce. The experimental valuesof entropy, enthalpy and free energy indicate that the adsorption of malachite green isa physical adsorption. The kinetic studies of malachite green follows pseudo secondorder and intra-particle diffusion model.

Author Biography

MUTHAIYAN THILAGAVATHI, University college of engineering pattukkottai Anna University 614701

Chemistry department


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