Deformation measurement of a human back using Moirإ technique



Simulated deformation of a human back is measured using Moirإ technique (MT). The reproducible positions of human body are fixed by using two scales for measurement of the weight and by measuring the distance of the tip of left hand from the left knee. Shadow and projection Moirإ are performed on the body for each position. The actual measurement of the deformation is performed by using projection Moirإ approach. Fringe interpretation of the obtained Moirإ figures is performed by using " Quick Fringe" software (QFS). The programs are modified according to the task of the experiment. Contour, 1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional representations of the surface of the deformations is obtained for four selected positions of the human back. MT and fringe interpretation we propose, is associated with an actual clinical technique applied for diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis, back strain related to primary osteo-arthritis and knyphosis. The possibility of using the gratings with changeable transparency is indicated.


Moirإ phenomenon; deformation measurement; human back

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