A simulation-based evidence on the improved performance of a new modified leverage adjusted heteroskedastic consistent covariance matrix estimator in the linear regression model

Nuzhat Aftab, Sohail Chand


In this paper, we present a new heteroskedastic consistent (HC) covariance matrix estimator which considers the effect of leverage observations and which has a better approximation of its true asymptotic distribution. We point out that the basic motivation behind this new modified HC estimator is to provide an estimator which does not require any user specified values.
In terms of bias and mean squared error (MSE), a Monte Carlo simulation study provided evidence that this new estimator has better small sample properties over some existing estimators. A real-life example also evaluated the finite sample behavior in comparison to those existing estimators.


Linear Regression; Heteroskedasticity; HCs; High Leverage points; Quasi-t test

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