Dielectric spectroscopy of aluminum oxide (γ-Al2O3)

DOI: 10.48129/kjs.12885


  • M. M. Abdullah Najran University




Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) are continuously demonstrating the functional characteristics in devices. The physiochemical properties of hydrothermally as-grown Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) have been investigated in this research article. The as-prepared material was confirmed as γ- phase formation of Al2O3. The average crystallite size was found ∼ 78 nm, whereas the particles were found in nano scale too. Moreover, the absence of impurity in EDS analysis, and the presence of the bending vibrations of Al-O-Al and Al-O band in FTIR characterization further confirmed the absence of impurity in the material. Evaluated dielectric properties such as a relatively high dielectric constant, and low dielectric loss indicated the good optical quality of γ- Al2O3. Impedance and modulus spectroscopic studies showed the non-Debye type relaxation in γ- Al2O3 with an average relaxation time of 5.8 µs. Overall, the dielectric spectroscopy analysis of γ- Al2O3 indicates the promising applications of γ- Al2O in devices as dielectrics.