Thermal decomposition kinetics of benzofuran derived polymer/organosilicate nanocomposites


  • Adnan Kurt Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Adiyaman, 02040, Adiyaman/Turkey
  • Pınar Yilmaz Adiyaman University


Activation energy, benzofuran, polymer/silicate nanocomposites, reaction mechanism, thermal decomposition kinetics.


Benzofuran derived polymer poly(2-(5-bromo benzofuran-2-yl)-2-oxoethylmethacrylate)/organically modified montmorillonite nanocomposites were preparedvia in situ polymerization technique. Vinyl benzyl dimethyl hexadecyl ammoniumchloride was used as organic-modifier. X-ray diffraction analysis showed the silicatedispersion in the polymer matrix with an exfoliated structure.The thermal stabilitiesof nanocomposites were increased with loading organosilicate in the polymermatrix. The decomposition temperature of 5 wt% organosilicate nanocomposite at10% weight loss was approximately 14 °C higher than that of pure polymer. Kineticanalysis of the decomposition process in nanocomposites was evaluated from dynamicexperiments by means of Flynn-Wall-Ozawa and Coats-Redfern methods within 12%- 22% decomposition conversion range. Introduction of the silicate phase in polymerenhanced the apparent activation energy from 163.31 kJ/mol to 195.28 kJ/mol. Themechanism of thermal degradation for pure polymer in this conversion range probablyfollowed a deceleration type phase boundary controlled reaction (R3), whereas in caseof nanocomposites, it shifted to dimensional diffusion type (Dn).

Author Biography

Pınar Yilmaz, Adiyaman University

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Arts, University of Adiyaman


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