Einstein like -para Sasakian manifolds



Einstein like  -para Sasakian manifolds are introduced. For an  -para Sasakian manifold to be Einstein like, a necessary and sufficient condition in terms of its curvature tensor is obtained. The scalar curvature of an Einstein like  -para Sasakian manifold is obtained and it is shown that the scalar curvature in this case must satisfy certain differential equation. A necessary and sufficient condition for an  -almost paracontact metric hypersurface of an indefinite locally Riemannian product manifold to be  -para Sasakian is obtained and it is proved that the  -para Sasakian hypersurface of an indefinite locally Riemannian product manifold of almost constant curvature is always Einstein like.


Einstein like -para Sasakian manifold; indefinite locally Riemannian product manifold.

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