Dubinin–radushkevich isotherm studies of equilibrium biosorption of some veterinary pharmaceuticals by using live activated sludge

Serpil Savcı


Environmental protection has increased over the years all over the world. In this investigation, the adsorption propertiesof live activated sludge (0.5 g and 1 g) for ivermectin, metamizol sodium and gentamicin sulfate were performed as abiosorbent. The biosorption of these veterinary pharmaceuticals were investigated in a batch system. The equilibriumadsorption data were described by Dubinin-Radushkevich (D-R) adsorption isotherm model. The adsorption equilibriumis attained within 20 min for ivermectin and gentamicin sulfate and 10 min for metamizol sodium. The estimated valuesof adsorption energy, Ea, calculated from the D-R isotherm, for all pharmaceuticals, ivermectin and live activated sludge(1.0 g) system were found to be 9,622 kJ mol-1 at room temperature, which implies that adsorption of ivermectin ontolive activated sludge (1.0 g) is by ion exchange.


Biosorption; dubinin-radushkevich; isotherm; drug.

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