Paleoenvironment of the Late Cretaceous (Late Touronian–Early Campanian) Ostarcoda in the Kometan Formation, Dokan Area, Kurdistan region, NE-Iraq


  • zardasht Amhed Taha University of Sulaimani



Ostrcoda, Foraminifera, Upper Cretaceous (Late Turonian - Early Campanian), Kometan Formation, Dokan Area. Northeast Iraq.



In the present study selected the Kometan Formation (Late Turonian - Early Campanian) from Dokan Area, NE-Iraq. In this formation studied ostracoda identified fifteen open ostracoda species belonging to ten genus (Bairdia, Bairdiacypris, Bythocypris, ?Bairdoppilata, Cavellina, Cypridina, Cytherella, ?Haplocytheridea, Pterygocythereis and Paracypris). The goal of the present study is finding ostracoda species under polarizing microscopes for the first time in the Kometan Formation in Dokan area and the planktonic foraminifera assemblage association with ostracoda in the deep marine environment.

Keywords Ostrcoda, Foraminifera, Upper Cretaceous (Late Turonian - Early Campanian), Kometan Formation, Dokan Area. Northeast Iraq.



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