On The Gamma Spectrum of Multiplication Gamma Acts


  • Samer A. Jubair Mustansiriyah University




, multiplication " gamma " acts, prime gamma " subact, gamma " spectrum, Topological" gamma " acts.


In this paper we introduce the concept of topological gamma act as a generalization of Zariski   topology .  Some topological   properties of  this topology   are studied. Under the concept of  multiplication    gamma  acts various algebraic properties of topological   gamma   acts are given. We clarify the interplay between the properties of this topological  space and the algebraic properties of the gamma   acts  under consideration .  Also, the relation among this topological space and (multiplication  ,cyclic ) gamma   act was discussed . We also study separation  axioms  and compactness property in this topological  space .

Author Biography

Samer A. Jubair, Mustansiriyah University

Department of  Mathematics, College of Science

Assistant professor


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