Statistics  SS/001
Statistics Inference  SS/002
Design of Experiments  SS/003
Sampling  SS/004 
Linear & Non-Linear Models  SS/005
Non-Parametric Statistics  SS/006
Multivariate Statistical Analysis  SS/007
Statistical Theory of Reliability  SS/008
Probability Theory  SS/009
Demography  SS/010
Time Series Analysis  SS/011
Quality Control  SS/012
Stochastic Processes  SS/013
Robust Statistics  SS/014
Bayesian Statistics  SS/015
Econometrics  SS/016
Biometrics  SS/017
Miscellaneous Applications of Statistics  SS/018
Operations Research  SS/019
Queuing Theory  SS/020
Reliability & Maintainability  SS/021
Network Analysis  SS/022
Linear & Non-Linear Programming  SS/023
Simulation  SS/024
Optimization  SS/025
Industrial Management  SS/026
Miscellaneous Applications of O.R.  SS/027
Survival Analysis  SS/028
Categorical Analysis  SS/029
Environmentrics  SS/030
Classification Analysis  SS/031
Sequential Analysis  SS/032
Order Statistics  SS/033
Computational Statistics  SS/034
Regression Analysis  SS/035
Biostatistics  SS/036
Hidden Markov Modeling  SS/037
Biological Sequence Analysis  SS/038
Statistical Data Analysis  SS/039
Scheduling and Project Planning  SS/040
Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization  SS/041
Production and Inventory Control  SS/042
Multi-criteria Optimization  SS/043
Transportation and Logistics  SS/044
Meta-Heuristics and Computational Complexity  SS/045
Decision and Game Theory  SS/046
Neural Networks  SS/047
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery  SS/048
Stochastic Modeling and Optimization  SS/049