Elementary Physics  SP/001
Electromagnetism  SP/002
Heat  SP/003
Mechanics  SP/004
Light  SP/005
Sound  SP/006
Experimental Physics  SP/007
Vacuum Technology  SP/008
High Pressure Technology  SP/009
High Temperature Physics  SP/010
Cryogenics  SP/011
Metrology  SP/012
Optical Measurements  SP/013
X-Ray Spectroscopy  SP/014
Neutron Spectroscopy  SP/015
Electron Spectroscopy  SP/016
Electron Microscopy  SP/017
Electrical Measurements  SP/018
Crystallography  SP/019
Amorphous Materials  SP/020
Crystalline Materials  SP/021
Crystal Defects  SP/022
Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics  SP/023
Nuclear Physics  SP/024
Isotopes  SP/025
High Energy Physics  SP/026
Accelerators  SP/027
Cosmic Radiation  SP/028
Nuclear Structure  SP/029
Reactors & Nuclear Technology  SP/030
Radioactivity  SP/031
Environmental Radioactivity  SP/032
Radiation Effects  SP/033
Atomic & Molecular Physics  SP/034
Chemical Physics  SP/035
Macromolecular Physics  SP/036
Atomic Structure  SP/037
Molecular Structure  SP/038
Fluids & Plasmas  SP/039
Physics of Gases  SP/040
Electrical Discharges  SP/041
Plasma Physics  SP/042
Fluid Dynamics  SP/043
Quantum Physics  SP/044
Quantum Field Theory  SP/045
Relativity Theory  SP/046
Special Relativity  SP/047
Gravitational Theory  SP/048
Optics  SP/049
Geometrical Optics  SP/050
Physical Optics  SP/051
Quantum Optics  SP/052
Holography  SP/053
Fibre Optics  SP/054
Optical Imaging Information  SP/055
Solid State Physics  SP/056
General Properties of Matter  SP/057
Superconductivity  SP/058
Semiconductors  SP/059
Magnetic Materials  SP/060
Magnetic Resonance  SP/061
Electron States  SP/062
Conductors  SP/063
Dielectrics  SP/064
Semiconductor Devices  SP/065
Acoustics  SP/066
Elementary Particles  SP/067
Atmospheric Physics  SP/068
Vibration & Waves  SP/069
Photoacoustic Imaging  SP/070
Remote Sensing  SP/071
Electromagnetic Field  SP/072
Techniques  SP/073
Trace Element Analysis  SP/074
Bio-Medical Laser Physics  SP/075
Shell Model  SP/076
Non-Relativistic Theories  SP/077
Relativistic Mean - Field Theories  SP/078
Nuclear Matter  SP/079
Giant Resonance  SP/080
Nuclear Data  SP/081
Nuclear Astrophysics  SP/082
Geometrical & Algebraic Models  SP/083
Digital Electronics & Applications  SP/084
Artificial Intelligence in Physics  SP/085
Astronomy  SP/086
Celestial Mechanics  SP/087
Practical Observational Astronomy  SP/088
Optical Astronomy  SP/089
X-Ray Astronomy  SP/090
IR & UV Astronomy  SP/091 
Radio & Radar Astronomy  SP/092
Lunar & Plantetary Astronomy  SP/093
Astrophysics  SP/094
Solar Physics  SP/095
Space Physics  SP/096
Galactic & Extra Galactic Astronomy  SP/097
Cosmology  SP/098
Medical Physics  SP/099
Image Processing  SP/100
Radar Remote Sensing  SP/101
Microwave Remote Sensing  SP/102
Thin Films  SP/103
Thin Film Devices  SP/104
Optoelectronic Materials  SP/105
Quantum Spin Systems  SP/106
Disorder Spin Systems  SP/107
Quantum Electronics  SP/108
Laser Materials  SP/109
Nonlinear Optics  SP/110
Photonics  SP/111
Optical Communications  SP/112
Guided-Wave Optics  SP/113