Foundation of Mathematics (general)  SM/001
Mathematical Logic  SM/002
Set Theory  SM/003
History of Mathematics  SM/004
Algebra and Number Theory (general)  SM/005
Linear Algebra  SM/006
Computational Linear Algebra  SM/007
Universal Algebra  SM/008
General Algebraic Systems & Ordered Sets  SM/009 
Group & Semigroup Theory  SM/010
Rings & Algebras  SM/011
Homological Algebras & Categories  SM/012
Fields & Polynomials  SM/013
General Applied Algebra  SM/014
Algebraic Coding Theory  SM/015
Miscellaneous Topics in Algebra  SM/016
Number Theory  SM/017
Analysis (general)  SM/018
Real Analysis  SM/019
Complex Analysis  SM/020
Functional Analysis & Operator Theory  SM/021
Measure & Integration Theory  SM/022
Sequences, Series, Summability  SM/023 
Approximations & Expansions  SM/024
Fourier Analysis & Wavelets  SM/025
Numerical Analysis  SM/026
Abstract Harmonic Analysis  SM/027
Miscellaneous Topics in Analysis  SM/028
Ordinary Differential Equations  SM/029
Partial Differential Equations & Potential Theory  SM/030
Finite Differences & Functional Equations  SM/031
Integral Equations  SM/032
Integral Transformations & Operational Calculus  SM/033
Special Functions  SM/034
Fractional Calculus  SM/035
Chaos Theory & Fractals  SM/036
Fuzzy Analysis  SM/037
Global Analysis  SM/038
Topology (general)  SM/039
Set Theoretical Topology  SM/040
Topological Groups  SM/041
Algebraic Topology  SM/042
Differential Topology  SM/043
Geometry (general)  SM/044
Pure Geometry  SM/045
Algebraic Geometry  SM/046
Differential Geometry  SM/047
Manifolds & Cell Complexes  SM/048
Discrete Mathematics (general)  SM/049
Graph Theory  SM/050
Combinatorics  SM/051
Probability & Statistics  SM/052
Probability Theory  SM/053
Stochastic Processes  SM/054
Applied Mathematics (general)  SM/055
Mechanics of Solid Bodies  SM/056
Fluid Dynamics  SM/057
Thermodynamics  SM/058
Statistical Mechanics  SM/059
Quantum Mechanics  SM/060
Continuum Mechanics  SM/061
Systems & Control Theory  SM/062
Optimization  SM/063
Mathematical Optics & Electromagnetic Theory  SM/064 
Relativity & Gravitational Theory  SM/065 
Miscellaneous Applications in Physical Sciences  SM/066
Information & Communication  SM/067
Miscellaneous Applications to Social & Biological Sciences  SM/068 
Models of Computation  SM/069
Abstract Automata  SM/070
Algorithm Theory  SM/071
Complexity Theory  SM/072
Graph Theory  SM/073
Information Theory  SM/074
Cryptology  SM/075