Computer Science

Systems & Control Theory  ST/001
Optimization  ST/002
Miscellaneous Applications in Physical Sciences  ST/003
Information & Communication  ST/004
Miscellaneous Applications to Social & Biological Sciences  ST/005
Models of Computation  ST/006
Abstract Automata  ST/007
Algorithm Theory  ST/008
Complexity Theory  ST/009 
Graph Theory  ST/010
Information Theory  ST/011
Cryptology  ST/012
Programming Language Theory  ST/013
Language Processors  ST/014
Program Specification & Verification  ST/015
Algorithms & Datastructures  ST/016
Imperative Programming  ST/017
Logic Programming  ST/018
Functional Programming  ST/019
Computer Architectures  ST/020
VLSI-Design  ST/021
Logic Design  ST/022
Processor Architecture  ST/023 
Memory & Storage  ST/024
Peripheral Devices  ST/025
Hardware Diagnostics  ST/026
Hardware Description Languages  ST/027
Fault-Tolerant System  ST/028
Operating Systems  ST/029
Process Scheduling  ST/030
Concurrency Control  ST/031
Memory Management  ST/032
File Management  ST/033
Device Management  ST/034
System Protection & Security  ST/035
Computer Performance Evaluation  ST/036
Computer Networks  ST/037
Network Topology & Protocols  ST/038
Internetworking & Network Management  ST/039
Distributed Systems  ST/040
Distributed Algorithms  ST/041
Distributed Operating Systems  ST/042
Massively Parallel Systems  ST/043
Parallel Computing  ST/044
Neural Computing  ST/045
Software Engineering  ST/046
Project Management  ST/047
Requirement Analysis & Design Methodology  ST/048
Software Specification & Validation  ST/049
Software Evaluation  ST/050
Case-Tools  ST/051
Database Systems  ST/052
Database Modeling & Design Methodology  ST/053
Database Architecture  ST/054
Database Management  ST/055
Query Processing  ST/056
Database Languages  ST/057
Database Security  ST/058
Artificial Intelligence  ST/059
Computer Linguistics  ST/060
Al-Languages  ST/061
Problem Solving & Theorem Proving  ST/062
Knowledge Engineering & Expert- Systems  ST/063
Computer Graphics  ST/064 
Computer Animation  ST/065 
Pattern Recognition & Image Processing  ST/066
Management Information Systems  ST/067
Computer Control Systems  ST/068 
Real-Time Systems  ST/069
Office Automation  ST/070
Scientific Computing  ST/071
Symbolic Computation  ST/072
Modeling & Computer Simulation  ST/073
Other Computer Applications  ST/074