Analysis  SC/001
Apparatus & Instruments  SC/002
Atomic & Molecular Structure  SC/003
Quantum Chemistry  SC/004
Radiochemistry  SC/005
Physical Chemistry  SC/006
Colloids & Macromolecules  SC/007
Electrochemistry  SC/008
Kinetics & Mechanisms  SC/009
Phase Structure & Relations  SC/010
Photochemistry  SC/011
Surface Properties & Catalysis  SC/012
Chemical Thermodynamics  SC/013
Theory of Liquids & Solutions  SC/014
Nuclear Chemistry  SC/015
Combustion  SC/016
Radiation Chemistry  SC/017
Crystal Chemistry  SC/018
Liquid Crystals  SC/019
Inorganic Chemistry  SC/020
Typical Elements  SC/021
Transitional Elements  SC/022
Complex Compounds  SC/023
Organo-Metallic & Metalloid Chemistry  SC/024
Organic Chemistry  SC/025
Aliphatic  SC/026
Amino-Acids, Peptides & Proteins  SC/027 
Carbohydrates  SC/028
Homocycles  SC/029
Terpenes & Steroids  SC/030
Heterocycles  SC/031
Lipids  SC/032
Aromatic Chemistry  SC/033
Synthetic Organic Chemistry  SC/034
Reaction Mechanisms  SC/035
Chemical Spectroscopy  SC/036
Magnetic Resonance  SC/037
Mass Spectrometry  SC/038
Chemical Crystallography  SC/039
Chromatography  SC/040
Stereochemistry  SC/041
Laser Chemistry  SC/042
Molecular Spectroscopy  SC/043
Polymer Chemistry  SC/044
Solid State Chemistry  SC/045
Reactivity of Solid  SC/046
Fullerence Chemistry  SC/047
Electrochemical Analysis  SC/048
Spectrochemical Analysis  SC/049
Supramolecular Chemistry  SC/050
Statistical Thermadynamics  SC/051
Theoretical Chemistry  SC/052
Electric & Magnetic Properties  SC/053
Waste Treatment  SC/054
Electroanalytical Chemistry  SC/055
Spectroanalytical Chemistry  SC/056
Supramolecular Chemistry  SC/057
Bioanalytical Chemistry  SC/058
Green Chemistry  SC/059
Nanomaterial  SC/060