January Issue 2022

Sl.No Title Author Name Section Volume & Issue
1 Bounds and Extremal graphs of Second Reformulated Zagreb Index For Graphs With Cyclomatic Number At Most Three Abhay Rajpoot, Lavanya Selvaganesh Mathematics V- 49 / I- 1
2 Casson fluid flow with heat and mass transfer in a channel using the differential transform method Asia Yasmin, Kashif Ali and Muhammad Ashraf Mathematics V- 49 / I- 1
3 On determinantal recurrence relations of banded matrices Zhibin Du, Carlos M. da Fonseca, António Pereira Mathematics V- 49 / I- 1
4 Orthogonal polynomials and generalized Gauss-Rys quadrature formulae Gradimir V. Milovanovi´c, Nevena Vasovi´c Mathematics V- 49 / I- 1
5 Reliability Estimation and Parameter Estimation for Inverse Weibull Distribution under Different Loss Functions Asuman YILMAZ, Mahmut KARA Statistics V- 49 / I- 1
6 A resilient micro-payment infrastructure: an approach based on blockchain technology Soumaya Bel Hadj Youssef and Noureddine Boudriga Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
7 An adaptive authentication and authorization model for service oriented enterprise computing Mohamed Ibrahim Beer Mohamed and Mohd Fadzil Hassan Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
8 Assessing the impact of socio-technical congruence in software development: a systematic literature review Binish Raza, Rodina Ahmad,Mohd H.N.B.M Nasir, Shukor S.M Fauzi and Muhammad A. Raza Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
9 Cryptanalysis of an Encryption Scheme that Uses Elliptic Curve Over Finite Field Malik Zia and Rashid Ali Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
10 Data Acquisition Time Minimization in FANET-based IoT Networks Alaa Taima Albu-Salih, Hayder Ayad Khudhair and Osama Majeed Hilal Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
11 Digit recognition using decimal coding and artificial neural network Toufik Datsi, Khalid Aznag and Ahmed El Oirrak Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
12 Energy Efficient Routing and Task Scheduling for Autonomous Transport Vehicles in Intra Logistics İnci SARIÇIÇEK, Sinem BOZKURT KESER, Azmi CİBİ, Tahir ÖZDEMİR and Ahmet YAZICI Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
13 Samee’a: a new system for Arabic recitation using speech recognition and Jaro Winkler algorithm Souad Larabi-Marie-Sainte, Betool S..Alnamlah, Norah F. Alkassim and Sara Y. Alshathry Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
14 SE-CapsNet: Automated evaluation of plant disease severity based on feature extraction through Squeeze and Excitation (SE) networks and Capsule networks Shradha Verma, Shagufta Jahangir, Anuradha Chug, Ravinder P. Singh, Amit P. Singh and Dinesh Singh Computer Science V- 49 / I- 1
15 First principles calculations of Elastic and Optical properties of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) in cubic and hexagonal phase Burhan Ahmed and B. Indrajit Sharma Physics V- 49 / I- 1
16 Synthesis of ZnO thin film by chemical spray pyrolysis using its nano powder Reem S. Khaleel, Mustafa Sh. Hashim and Samer Gh. Majeed Physics V- 49 / I- 1
17 Linear and nonlinear low frequency waves in collisional electron-positron-ion plasmas M. Nasir Khattak, U. Zakir, M. Yaqoob Khan, Niaz. Wali and Tariq. Jan Physics V- 49 / I- 1
18 Mathematical Model of the Influence of the Time of Start Reaction in 100 m Sprint Run Nataša Janjić,Darko Kapor,Dragan Doder,Doder R. Lana and Oliver Dulić Physics V- 49 / I- 1
19 Modified superstructure fiber Bragg grating for a filter application Ayser A. Hemed, Mayyada M. Fdhala and Suha M. Khorsheed Physics V- 49 / I- 1
20 Monte Carlo simulation of the cosmic muon charge ratio A. Haj Ismail Physics V- 49 / I- 1
21 Nonlinear Fractional Arctic Systems Sunday Christian Eze Physics V- 49 / I- 1
22 Fabrication of nano battery from CdS quantum dots and organic polymer Akeel M. Kadim Physics V- 49 / I- 1
23 Optical Fiber Mercury Biosensor Based on Immobilized Urease and BTB onto Alginate-Chitosan Membrane In The Flow-System Dhony HERMANTO, MUDASIR, Dwi SISWANTA, Bambang KUSWANDI and Nurul ISMILLAYLI Chemistry V- 49 / I- 1
24 Genotypic Differences on Pod Shattering Resistance from the Detached and Undetached Pods of Soybean at Different Positions on the Stem Ayda KRISNAWATI, Andy SOEGIANTO, Budi WALUYO and Kuswanto KUSWANTO Biology V- 49 / I- 1
25 Accuracy assessment for Landsat 8 thermal bands in measuring sea surface temperature over Kuwait and North West Arabian Gulf Jasem A Albanai and Sara A Abdelfatah Earth & Environmental Science V- 49 / I- 1
26 Late Cretaceous (Late Touronian–Early Campanian) Ostarcoda in the Kometan Formation Dokan Area, Kurdistan Region, NE-Iraq. Zardasht Ahmed Taha Earth & Environmental Science V- 49 / I- 1
27 Organic geochemical and petrographical characteristics of the major lower cretaceous petroleum source rock (Makhul Formation) in Kuwait - Arabian Gulf Fatma K. Bahman, Fowzia H. Abdullah, Abbas Saleh and Hossein Alimi Earth & Environmental Science V- 49 / I- 1
28 Provenance, depositional and tectonic settings of Ispikan group Makran Accretionary Prism Pakistan Muhammad Ahmed Farooqui, Khalil-Ur-Rehman, Amir Yaseen, Ghazala Roohi and Muhammad Umar Earth & Environmental Science V- 49 / I- 1
29 Water and sediments yields estimation: A case study in Bawashaswar Watershed/ Iraqi Kurdistan Region Sarkawt G. Salar, Abdulhaq N. Mahmoud and Arsalan A. Othman Earth & Environmental Science V- 49 / I- 1