April Issue 2022

Sl.No Title Author Name Section Volume & Issue
1 Automorphisms on complex simple Lie algebras of order 3 Ching-I Hsin Mathematics V- 49 / I- 2
2 Root extraction by Niẓām al-Dīn al-Nīsābūrī (d. ca. 1330/730AH) Ahmed ABBASSI Mathematics V- 49 / I- 2
3 Star complements in signed graphs with two symmetric eigenvalues Zoran Stani Mathematics V- 49 / I- 2
4 A Flexible Probability Model for Reliability Data Analysis: The Extended Half-Normal
Distribution with Further Results
Eman Khorsheed, HUGO S. SALINAS, Hassan S. Bakouch Statistics V- 49 / I- 2
5 An Improved Multi-object Instance Segmentation Based On Deep Learning Nawaf Farhan Funkur Alshdaifat;, Mohd Azam osman, Abdullah Zawawi Talib Computer Science V- 49 / I- 2
6 Biometric Cryptosystem to Secure Smart Object Communications
in the Internet of Things
Abdallah Meraoumia, Mohammed Amroune, Lakhdar Laimech, Hakim Bendjenna Computer Science V- 49 / I- 2
7 Numerical study on conjugate convective thermal transport in an annular porous geometry S. Kiran, M. Sankar , S. Sivasankaran Physics V- 49 / I- 2
8 Thermodynamic Calculations Of High Entropy (Fe-mn) Binary Alloy System Using Calphad Method Based On Thermo-calc Package And Pbine,fedate Databases. Waseem Ullah Shah, Dil Faraz Khan, Haiqing Yin§, Athanasios G,mamalis, Physics V- 49 / I- 2
9 Nonlinear signal processing, spectral, and fractal based stridor auscultation: A machine learning approach Vimal Raj, A. Renjini , M. S. Swapna, S. Sreejyothi, and S. Sankararaman Physics V- 49 / I- 2
10 Numerical modelling of non-premixed biogas and LPG combustion to study carbon
nanostructures formation in flame
Manpreet Kaur, Jyoti Bharj, Rabinder S. Bharj and Rajan Kumar Physics V- 49 / I- 2
11 Thermally driven structural phase transformation and dislocation density of CdS nanoparticles precipitated without surfactant in KOH alkaline medium Chan Kok Sheng, Yousef Mohammad Alrababah Physics V- 49 / I- 2
12 Current – voltage measurements of Al/a-Se/Au Schottky diode solar cells Mayyada Muttar Fdhala, Ayser A. Hemed, Ramiz A. Al-Ansari, Raad M. Al-Haddad and
Rasha Salah Abbas
Physics V- 49 / I- 2
13 Dielectric spectroscopy of aluminum oxide (γ-Al2O3) M. M. Abdullah Physics V- 49 / I- 2
14 Description of the energy levels and electric quadrupole transitions of the 92Nb and 92Mo nuclei using nuclear shell model Mustafa Mohammed Jabbar and Fatema Hameed Obeed Physics V- 49 / I- 2
15 A Facile Green Synthesis of Nanostructured Gold–Silver@Carbon (Au–Ag@C)
Nanocatalyst and its Applications
P. Kavithaa, C. Shanthia and R. Kannan Chemistry V- 49 / I- 2
16 Antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-cancer properties of silver nanoparticles biosynthesized using
artichoke waste extract
Ghadir EL-CHAGHABY, Sayed RASHAD Heba EID Biology V- 49 / I- 2
17 Association between CAST and MSTN gene polymorphisms with growth traits in Awassi sheep Mervan Bayraktar, Omer Shoshin Biology V- 49 / I- 2
18 Bioprospecting autochthonous marine microalgae strain from the Arabian Gulf Seawater, Kuwait for biofuel feedstocks Bader Al-Hamar, Anandavalli. R Inbamani, Saad A. Komona, Mouffouk Fouzi, Radhouane Ben-Hamadou, Hugo Pereira, Ali Bumajdad Biology V- 49 / I- 2
19 Foliar application of chitosan improves plant biomass, physiological and biochemical
attributes of rose (Gruss-an-Teplitz)
Muhammad Adeel Arshad1, Gulzar Akhtar, Ishtiaq A. Rajwana1, Sami Ullah, Muhammad B.
Hussain, Muhammad Amin, Nazar Faried, Kashif Razzaq, Muhammad A. Shehzad, Muhammad Ahsan, Yasar Sajjad and Iftikhar Ahmed
Biology V- 49 / I- 2
20 Acetylcholinesterase and Association 1 of ACHE 3’ UTR SNP 2 rs17228602 with Psychiatric Disorders Baseerat Rumman, Rabia Habib, Sliha Awan, Mbah Ntepe Leonel Javeres, Kifayatullah Khan , Khulah Sadia, Tekes Kornelia , Syed Muhammad Nurulain Biology V- 49 / I- 2
21 Determination of the genetic diversity in populations of halophytic grass S. ioclados using
PBA markers
Dawood Ahmad, Afsheen Zehra, Abdullah Jalal, Waqar Ali, Muhammad S. Khan Biology V- 49 / I- 2
22 Application of Seismic Inversion in Estimating Reservoir Petrophysical Properties: Case
Study of Jay field of Niger Delta
Meludu Chukwudi Osita, Chukwuemeka Patrick Abbey, Adetola Sunday Oniku, Emele Uduma Okpogo, Abraham Sunu Sebastian, Yusuf Mamman Dabari Earth & Enviornmental Science V- 49 / I- 2
23 Implementing Electrical Resistivity Tomography to Delineate Soil Contamination Zone,
Southern Baqubah City, Iraq
Munther D. Al-awsi, Zaidoon T. Abdulrazzaq Earth & Enviornmental Science V- 49 / I- 2
24 Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the crust base structure using Kuwait gravity
anomaly maps in the determination of new oil fields
Najeeb S. Aladwani Earth & Enviornmental Science V- 49 / I- 2
25 AVO analysis for high amplitude anomalies using 2D pre-stack seismic data Lamees N.Abdulkareem Earth & Enviornmental Science V- 49 / I- 2